Who We Are 👋

Bring to your mind the most mismatched  group of people you know. Then put them in an office and tell them that for now on they will work together.
The first scenario is to cause chaos. The second scenario, which none one could believe, is to succeed in making things work.

This happened with us. We may look like a joke, but the reality is that the one complements the other. One nerd, one guy that never gets angry and he is the voice of reason, one “princess”, one short talkative rock girl, a guy that wears floral shirts at work, a workaholic, a real-life camper and girl who is in her own imaginary world all the time made the secret recipe for Poofy company.  

Founders are Joanna & Rania, the two pet lovers that had a vision: to make dogs happy! So, we don’t work for money, neither for you actually. We work for every dog in the world, because we deeply believe that they deserve the best. 

Every item you will find in our online shop is tested and guaranteed by Poofy’s maskot, our dog, Tsoufas. If he doesn’t like something we reject it. Because Tsoufas knows better!

For more information and business proposals please e-mail us at  [email protected]

Thank you for choosing us!

Poofy Team
They are calm, we are calm.